How To Root LG G3 Running The Kitkat Update

Performing the LG G3 Kitkat root can be tricky because of its very advanced and complicated system. Due to this, the uninitiated may find this very hard. Inexperienced hackers may also encounter problems that may cause serious problems if the process is done incorrectly. However, the benefits it holds are countless, so for the sake of helping every one out, we are providing here the perfect guide that will help you out throughout the entire LG G3 Kitkat rooting procedure. Everything has been explained in a very basic manner so even beginners can follow.

Here is the perfect way to start rooting LG G3 on Kitkat:

  1. Check The Battery Life

It is very important that your phone should have at least 80% of energy. This is to ensure that it won’t shut down while you are performing the necessary procedures. Doing so will also help you prevent any errors that could make the process unsuccessful.

  1. Backup Your Files

Although the process leaves out your important files, you should just back up your messages, contacts, pictures, the entire Kitkat update and other significant files in your computer or by using an external memory as a precautionary measure.

  1. Activate Debugging

You can activate the debugging capability of your device by accessing its Settings followed by Applications and by entering Development where you will find the option.

  1. Disable Antivirus Utilities

Antivirus utilities will prevent the software from rooting LG G3 and from running properly, so it is strongly advised to deactivate them.

  1. Flash Your LG G3

Download the Super Boot file from online sources and extract its contents. Then enter the bootloader status by holding the Power and Volume Down keys altogether. When you reach a new screen, let a few seconds pass before pressing a key. Next, connect your phone to your computer. Open the installer of Super Boot, which you can find in the folder where your downloaded data are located. Easy step-by-step instructions will be provided there so no need to sweat. Unlink your gadget from your computer after the procedures are completed. Congratulations, you just finished modifying your phone. Now, you can customize it freely according to your needs and preferences.

Where To Get The Program?

To help you find the right program to root LG G3 kitkat easily, all you have to do is visit the site that we have that offers the best tool for this job.

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