How To Root LG G2 4.4.2 Kitkat

The following article outlines my experience with the root LG G2 – may be useful to someone.

Modifying the phone is familiar to me, because at the time of using the iPhone almost always had the jailbreak. On Android, the act of obtaining the rights of the superuser is called rooting.

Note: everything below you do at your own risk, you may damage the phone, void your warranty or worse. The process is reversible, but not describe here any ways, because they are not the subject of this article (may be in the future).

Data: LG G2 Open Europe running Android 4.4.2 KitKat – stock ROM.


If someone encounters a problem during startup file root.bat (manifested by the disappearance of a window when you press any button), check the path – make sure that the folder names does not contain a space.

After uploading the files will open a menu from which to choose: apply update from ADB, and finally pops the G2 root, which would mean that the process was successful.

After the root, according to the instructions you need to install a few useful programs. SuperSU will already be installed, so we can give ourselves.

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