How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500)

What is rooting:

Rooting is in a Linux / Unix system, the “root” of all evils, the administrator who touches the system maintains and ensures its security and stability. He has full access, it can all must so arrange everything and can much harm.Generally, the security model on Linux boils that the system is placed and only updates, drivers for new devices or similar profound interventions accessing the root account. The remaining users of the system have sufficient permissions to your work to pursue, without having to worry of being able to break something.

The S4 has a Flash Counter which counts how often flashed.
It counts only unofficial stuff (kernel, OS, etc.) that have not been signed by Samsung. There is only if you have an official firmware unchanged.
The hidden Counter can be reset fortunately, thanks to the App TriangleAway.


Make sure that before you try this Samsung Galaxy S4 root that you’ve backed up all your data.

  1. Extractthe file once, you now get a .tar.md5 file.
  2. Nowstart Odin3-Vx.x.exe (if possible as an administrator!)
  3. Click onPDA and select from the CF-Auto-Root-jflte jfltexx-gti9505.tar.md5 file
  4. Now go intodownload mode, while you have to turn off your S4, then hold on volume down + Home + Power
    (Alternatively: keep volume knob pressed down when her your phone turns on) – Confirm the prompt with volume up
  5. Connectyour S4 to the computer (Note: Please the original Samsung Galaxy S4 USB cable use).
    The driver of the Galaxy S4 must be installed, or to remember install Kies.

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