HTC One (M8) 5.0.2 Lollipop Rooting And Unlocking

They know intimately who own an Android device, to root the device, installing custom CWM is quite fun for many of us to install custom ROMs and applications. But to be able to root phone in the HTC device and your device to make all these operations primarily locked bootolader must be turned on.

Although water is sold as HTC devices locked bootloader, it is an opportunity to unlock this device over the site of its developer. Removing the bootloader unlocks your device HTC One M8 you can do all this on your device, the process mentioned above.

In fact, this process is very similar in all HTC devices and HTC One M8 is not out of it. However, we should not be held responsible in any way, and it is entirely your own responsibility, whether to do this operation.

This process of making open bootloader unlock your root have accepted the following potential risks to your device is out of warranty, you can lose all your personal information. You always make a backup before doing this bootloader unlocking process, you do not get official updates released by HTC via OTA.

Learn Your Device’s Model

  • The process described here unlock HTC One 2014 | Codename: For M8 models. Do not try others.
  • You backed up your personal data on your device
  • During this process your personal data, your device will be reset back to factory settings.
  • Back up all data on the device before doing so the process.

Current Drivers

To make this process successful, you must need appropriate and current HTC driver installed on your computer. Htc detached HCl drive is distributing. HTC is sufficient to install the drivers you have installed the HTC Sync software on your computer.

Required Files

At your disposal is supposed to be the fastboot file. Download it to start the M8 root.

Bootoeader removal: If you replace those brought two messages described above, you can remove the bootloader unlocked by taking the following steps.

First, go to the HTC Developer site to create and register an account.

Sign-up to go to the e-mail address you provided after you complete, you need to verify your account. Now check the video to finalize the root process!

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