How To Root LG G3 Running The Kitkat Update

Performing the LG G3 Kitkat root can be tricky because of its very advanced and complicated system. Due to this, the uninitiated may find this very hard. Inexperienced hackers may also encounter problems that may cause serious problems if the process is done incorrectly. However, the benefits it holds are countless, so for the sake of helping every one out, we are providing here the perfect guide that will help you out throughout the entire LG G3 Kitkat rooting procedure. Everything has been explained in a very basic manner so even beginners can follow.

Here is the perfect way to start rooting LG G3 on Kitkat:

  1. Check The Battery Life

It is very important that your phone should have at least 80% of energy. This is to ensure that it won’t shut down while you are performing the necessary procedures. Doing so will also help you prevent any errors that could make the process unsuccessful.

  1. Backup Your Files

Although the process leaves out your important files, you should just back up your messages, contacts, pictures, the entire Kitkat update and other significant files in your computer or by using an external memory as a precautionary measure.

  1. Activate Debugging

You can activate the debugging capability of your device by accessing its Settings followed by Applications and by entering Development where you will find the option.

  1. Disable Antivirus Utilities

Antivirus utilities will prevent the software from rooting LG G3 and from running properly, so it is strongly advised to deactivate them.

  1. Flash Your LG G3

Download the Super Boot file from online sources and extract its contents. Then enter the bootloader status by holding the Power and Volume Down keys altogether. When you reach a new screen, let a few seconds pass before pressing a key. Next, connect your phone to your computer. Open the installer of Super Boot, which you can find in the folder where your downloaded data are located. Easy step-by-step instructions will be provided there so no need to sweat. Unlink your gadget from your computer after the procedures are completed. Congratulations, you just finished modifying your phone. Now, you can customize it freely according to your needs and preferences.

Where To Get The Program?

To help you find the right program to root LG G3 kitkat easily, all you have to do is visit the site that we have that offers the best tool for this job.

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How To Un-Brick Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Easily! (Failed Root)

Before you begin, please note that there’s no way to recover the data. Although this guide will help you to bring your device back to life, but you’ll still lost all your data. So if your device is not completely bricked or you have a way to back up the unrecoverable data, this is the time to do it.  Now let’s quickly initiate the un-bricking process.

Procedure to Un-brick Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Smart Phone:

  • If somehow, your device is not completely bricked or you have a way to back up the unrecoverable data, do it now. Also ensure that, your device is left with minimum 50% of charge so that it doesn’t get off in the middle of process.
  • Now most important step- Download the Un-bricking tool for Samsung Galaxy S6. After downloading, check the md5 checksum of downloaded zip file. Once the checksum is confirmed, extract the downloaded zip file on your computer with the help of Win RAR or WinZip.
  • After extracting the files, pick up your phone and connect your device to the computer with the help of original USB cable.  Now on your computer, look for “flash.bat” in the extracted file and run it by double clicking on it.  Follow the on screen instructions which are really simple and don’t touch your phone until the flashing process gets over. It will nearly take 5-7 minutes, once the process gets over, you’ll see your Samsung Galaxy S6 back into action.

So there you go guys, that’s simple enough and we hope that you have successfully un-bricked your device. If you’re stroked somewhere in middle of process, we’ll suggest you to run the entire process from very beginning. And, if you still have issues, do let us know through comments.

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What You Get After Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6

South Korean brand Samsung has launched galaxy S6 as a upgraded version of the Galaxy S6 and the motive is to dominate the Phablet segment of the market. The galaxy S6 runs on the Android 4.4 jelly bean out of the box platform and is one of the most powerful android smart phones available in the market. Custom OS originates from ROM of a phone and is the full-fledged version of the operating system which includes Kernel which is responsible to function all the features of the phone that are its apps and services and all the things a user needs to run the phone in totality.

One exception to custom OS which arises out if the OS has already been customised by a previous user. Good news came for the android mobile users when it was announced that almost all the features of the brilliant galaxy S6 can be derived to a ROM and can be run without any flaws. It was decided by the XDA people to make a ROM embracing all the features of galaxy S6 and make it compatible to be used in android phones. This decision was taken keeping in view the success and appreciation of the galaxy S6.

Let’s have a look at all new features:

  1. Air Command
    ii. Writing buddy
    iii. S6 icons
    iv. Smart Scroll
    v. Smart Pause
    vi. S6 my files
    vii. Signature Lock
    viii. Multi window
    ix. A pen window minus the S pen
    x. S6 Sketch Book
    xi. One Hand Operation in All Screens
    xii. S6 Launcher
    xiii. S6 Scrap Book
    xiv. S6 Settings with search feature
    xv. Popup menu in many S6 apps.
    xvi. Quick Glance Air Gesture
    xvii. Pen Window Manager from
    xviii. Smart Screen options
    xix. Possible to use the same app in both multi windows

S6 users will be at the advantage of all the above complimentary features and many more. “Ditto S6” is the name given to the Custom OS which is quite obvious.

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How To Easily Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Using 2 Methods

Finally, after a month wait, users of Samsung Galaxy S6 can now root their device. Currently, there are two ways to get root access to their smartphone. One is by “Rooting the existing and desired ROM” and the other one is by “Flashing the pre-rooted ROM“.

Method 1

The first method to root the phone is with Stock Recovery. This method may not give complete access to the root but will have stock recovery. Flash counter can be set to ’0′ and thus, warranty will not get voided. All in all, this method is suitable if you are looking for full stock of device along with rooting.

To easily root your Samsung Galaxy S6 with this method, follow the following instructions and steps:

  • Download the CG Auto Root package. Extract the package to .tar.
  • Now, open Odin from the extracted files and tick the ‘PDA’ option.
  • Now, browse for the file CF-Auto-Root-SGN2.tar under the ‘PDA’ tab.
  • The next step is to switch off your phone and reboot it, this time in the download mode. Download mode can be can be entered by pressing the keys: Volume (down)+Home+power button. When the warning page comes, press the Volume (up) key.
  • You are now required to connect your device to the computer via USB. Wait till it is added successfully to the com port. This will be evident through the blue color of the com port.
  • To flash, press the Start button.
  • After it is flashed properly, there will be ‘PASS’ written above the table where ID: COM is written. You can safely remove the phone from the computer now.
  • The process is done successfully. Restart the phone to see superSU application in the phone.

Counter can be reset to ’0′ using the Triangle away.

Method 2

This method will not only give you the root access to the Samsung Galaxy S6 but also give advanced CWM. Counter can be reset in this process as well but once the device is rebooted, flash counter will increase. This method of rooting suits best for those who want to flash various mod or custom ROM from recovery.

Before starting, kindly ensure that Kies or Samsung USB drivers are installed properly in your system. To get root access to your Galaxy S6 using this process, you need to undertake the following steps:

  • Download CWM recovery from Chenglu. Extract this downloaded file to cwm-root-n7100.tar.md5.
  • Open Odin  and choose the ‘PDA’ option in it.
  • Click on the file cwm-root-s6.tar.md5 that was extracted previous.y
  • The next step is to swtich the device off and restart it in Download mode. To enter download mode, press Volume down+Home+power button. Afterwards, press the Volume up key when the warning page pops up. This will take you to the Download mode.
  • You now need to connect your Galaxy S6 with the system via USB. Wait till the phone gets added to com port successfully. Look for the light blue color to ensure successful addition to com port.
  • To flash, press the Start button.
  • You will notice ‘PASS’ written in the table above the ID: COM once the device is flashed successfully.
  • Disconnect the device from the system and reboot it. You will now notice superSU app in the application menu.

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Detailed Guide and Instructions to Root JellyBean 4.1.2 Firmware On Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. To get started, you need to download Odinand XXLSJ Firmware package. Extract both the zip files after downloading.
  2. Switch off the device to put it into download mode. To bring you phone into download mode, press the Volume Up key and power button, simultaneously when the phone is switched off.
  3.  Connect the device to the system via USB. Open ODIN when you will notice a section named ID : COM. This will turn to yellow when all the required device drivers are installed in the system.
  4. The next step is to lick on “PDA” option to look for the tar file in the extracted folder. Select and click on Start to begin rooting. The phone will automatically reboot once the rooting process is done.
  5. Check whether your device has been rooted or not through the Root checker app.
  6. Once confirmed that the device is rooted, you need to download and install another app, named ROM Manager.

Follow all the directions and instructions carefully to root your device. Missing out on any step may cause damage to your phone.

Rooting and other advanced guides are potentially dangerous if executed in a wrong manner and these guides can brick your phone completely. Sometimes, people bricked their phone by following a wrong or misleading guide, so we’ll suggest you to follow such guides only from reputed sites or reputed forums. Fixing a bricked phone is toughest part and should be done carefully. So if you’ve bricked your Samsung Galaxy S6 then there’s a 90% chances of recovering and bringing it again back to life. Guide we are mentioning here is pretty easy; all you have to do is just follow this article carefully and we’re sure that your Samsung Galaxy S6 will start working again. The tool which we will use throughout this guide is all-in-one tool and it will also install the factory firmware into your device. The tool was developed by a XDA developer ProgMaq and on the basis of positive follow up comments on his XDA post; we believe that this tool will really work for you.

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Root Flash Galaxy S6 to Install Android 4.1.2 Jellybean

Here this guide will help you root your S6 model number: GTI9100 with the 4.1.2 JellyBean firmware before its official release. The process is easy if followed properly.

Things to Make sure Before Installing:

  1. Make sure that you are rooting S6 with model number: I9100 only as this root will not work on any other device or model number.
  2. The previous firmware in the device should be Jellybean 4.1.2 XXLSJ version. This can be checked by going to Settings, and checking ‘About phone’.
  3. Create a backup of all the data in the phone. Backup your SMS’es using the ‘SMS Backup & Restore app”, which you can download from HERE. Create a backup of all the contacts by syncing them with Gmail application. If you wish to backup call log as well, you can do so using Call Log and Restore app.
  1. When the firmware is installed, there are chances of the apn settings too getting wiped. To backup these settings, go to Applications menu, open Setings,click on Wireless and Network, followed by Mobile Networks, and then Access point names where you can find the settings and note them down.
  2. Ensure that USB debugging is ticked. To check, go to Settings, choose Applications, click on Developments and tick USB Debugging.
  3. Ensure that the phone’s battery is no less than 40%. This will make sure that the phone does not get turned off amidst the installation process.

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